Frictionless, cross-chain tokens.

Berse is the open platform for bridging tokens between blockchains.

MVP coming soon.


Validators operate a set of bridges that escrow deposits and mint bridged tokens.

  • escrow your tokens in the altchain's bridge
  • unlock bridge tokens on the mainchain's bridge
  • use them as you would any other

Fees are paid in the native chain token. No multichain routing, no extra steps.


Berse runs on a separate delegated proof-of-stake blockchain:

  • Independent. Events of the bridged chains (like forks/splits) don't pose a systematic risk to the security of this chain.
  • Governed. Validators vote on the fees and security parameters of bridges, using Aragon Agent's.
  • Built-in Uniswap exchange for liquidity

Use cases

  • lock EOS in Uniswap
  • deploy your own dappchain and bridge assets
  • build your first cross-chain DAO
  • hedge tokens on other chains

Designed for tomorrow.

There will be hundreds of chains for different groups and use cases. Berse defines a protocol that is ready for all of them:

  • Internet of Blockchains. Ethereum's Sharding, Cosmos IBC, Polkadot's Peg Zones - these will all need to be connected, in different ways.
  • Innovation. AZTEC is defining the anonymous asset space, Plasma pushes forward with scaling.